What my mother didn’t tell me about love…

Posted: 2013/10/16 in Uncategorized

While in Da Nang Viet Nam at eighteen years old under attack, I saw my life flash before me. I was not a bad person in my own eyes, but being confronted with dying and death changed that; all the things I regretted in my short life were in front of me, things that I am ashamed to disclose in a public forum like this.

RRiedell 298

I found true love on the battlefield, someone who knew all about me and loved me anyway. (Me)

It is my opinion that it is almost impossible to love anyone else until you can love yourself, accepting yourself for who you are in the present moment.

My mother never told me I would love four women in my life, all of them in different ways.

The first love was for my mother, who through proximity and close contact nurtured me until I could take care of myself. The second love was for a girlfriend who understood me and cared about me. The third was for my wife who trusted me and relied on me for my potential strength and ability. The fourth was for my daughter who gave my life meaning, dedication, and purpose and who taught me unconditional love.

Androgyny: the term derives from the Latin: androgynous, derived from Ancient Greek: ἀνδρόγυνος, from ἀνήρ, stem ἀνδρ- (anér, andr-, meaning man) and γυνή (gunē, gyné, meaning woman). It is through one of these four loves that make us all androgynous and bond us together with the universe. It is love that makes us all both man and woman, the sons of God.

Finding unconditional Love is not hard; it is all around us and everyone experiences it at some point in our life. Love is the bonding agent of life, without love the world would fall apart.

When my mother found out I was going in the military like my father, she wanted me to go in the Navy so I could get a clean bed and a hot meal every night. She never expected I would end up in Viet Nam or knew that I would find love there.

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