One more Chance

Posted: 2013/10/10 in Uncategorized

This one brought a tear to old Brother Ron. Sometimes I just need to remember how thankful I am to be alive.

Thank you all, there have been close to four thousand views on the Blog. When I started, my intent was to leave a trail for my kids and grandkids to follow. I intended to give them a way they could understand how to love the creator the way their grandpa does.

I have been posting once per week and will continue God willing. There are over 71 pages of content on the Blog, some stories, some reference material, and some just for fun. The value is in the information and the encouragement we need from each other.

We need each other and God needs us. As I seek the divine nature, I have come to realize I learn something from everyone I meet. My choice in whether I use the new information is a gift from god. I can either accept or reject the learning acquired. What I learn may not be useful or even necessary for my survival but it shapes me into the person I am.

  1. Jamie Overgaag says:

    that is an amazing video!! Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 01:24:56 +0000 To:

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