Posted: 2013/09/27 in Uncategorized

death br
Photo by Paul Espinoza

I lost one of my friends who was only 54 not to warfare, crime, or political upheaval. Not even to drug use or alcohol abuse he died because his body shut down.

Death is as much a part of life as birth. We come into this short journey of life with nothing but the skins we are wearing. Some of us do not even have a whole body or a mind to reason with, nevertheless, days add into weeks, weeks to months and months to years.

Most of us realize we are mortal, that death awaits us all at some unknown time. Yet I do things in order to avoid the inevitability of my death.

I do not mourn for my friend, I am thankful I had the opportunity to know him. However, I will miss him because he has been part of my life and given me part of his.

Even in death he has given me a gift through his example; a reminder that my own life will end someday. A gift that I can never repay, rather, one that I will pass on to my other friends and family at my death.

I have wondered why my life is full of pain and suffering only to realize every human on the planet has pain and suffering.

As I struggle through life encased in my body with no escape, nothing matters except how I handle the present moment and my ability to adapt to my environment as it changes second by second for my own survival. I avoid pain and seek pleasure.

While in my mind I have not changed, my body is evidence to those around me that I have changed.

I have turned the death of a friend into a quest for my own self-awareness because it helps ease my own pain for my loss.

My friend is on a new journey, his journey is one I can never know about while still living or ask him about. I do not believe he will just cease to exist because his memories will keep him here with me and those who knew and loved him.

All I know is how I feel about his going away, both sad for my own loss, but at the same time happy because he gave me a lesson in mortality and why I must learn to live.



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