Black Pearl

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Seeking the Divine Nature is like a merchant, seeking pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

If I give up the weekly writing of this blog for anything other than death, I do not know the truth myself. Brother Ron loves writing this blog; it has become a way of life for me.

I am like a voice crying in the internet filled with billions of people but few listeners.

living in a spiritually starving world covered in a vale of darkness, unknown to me other than by my own experiences in my sixty years here.

I am like a crab inside a hermetically sealed hollow black pearl surrounded by darkness and fear. Born here not by choice, living here for a while forgetting where I came from, I busy myself with self-preservation and survival. Until at some unknown time, I return the same way I entered in pain and afraid. When I return to the place I came from I will not be afraid of the unknown.

I owe it to myself to maintain this blog because it helps me keep the candle of light burning on my path to the divine nature.

I enjoy your comments and communications and knowing that you read this helps me on my journey.

I have studied law for the past thirty years. It has taken me down a path that has helped me understand the sacred books better. Going to law school at sixty years old is not as easy as it may appear. My mind is not as elastic as it used to be when I was younger. Trying to memorize rules of law and approaches to legal problems is fun and I enjoy it, but there are too many of them at to remember and my brain gets overloaded.

I am an engineer A.K.A. programmer by training. In engineering, things either work or they do not work as designed.

Writing and thinking like a lawyer is very different for me. Legal thinkers are confined to a set of facts presented to them. Then they determine if there are any arguable issues in the confined set of facts, and come up with a legal rule that applies to the issue found in those facts. Then using the facts apply them to the elements of a rule and argue both sides of the issue using the same facts presented to them, to show how the rule applies to the issue in those facts, coming to a conclusion based on the facts as they are applied to the elements of the legal rule in those facts… Every set of facts is unique with different conclusions.

Sound confusing? It is not, it is basic logic that has been around thousands of years or at least fifty that I know of.

Brother Ron has met and personally talked to some of the brightest minds on earth through the study of law. However, like me, they too are in need of salvation.

I, G-d willing; will try to share my legal studies with you attempting to merge the study of law into my path to the divine nature because it is me, and who I have become here and now. I am a voice crying into the internet on a spiritual journey to the divine nature.

Crab Warrior


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