Washing Dishes

Posted: 2013/07/19 in Uncategorized


While washing the dishes this morning (Yes, Brother Ron enjoys washing dishes for selfish reason: I feel useful and alive) , I thought that it was more important to clean the outside of the cup than it was to clean the inside.

By cleaning the outside and having beautiful cups I could display or offer guests gave me a sense of pride. I would then expect my guests to praise me for having such beautiful cups. They would think I was cool for having such wonderful cups.

However, I soon recognized that it was it was more important to clean the inside of the cup. Because the purpose of a cup is to drink from, not to look at, and that if the cup was not clean on the inside, it might cause my guests who to drink from them to become sick, or annoyed at me for being dirty.

As I seek the divine nature, it is not the exterior I must clean just for appearances, to impress others who see me. What matters is on the inside. My thoughts, how I feel about myself, and what comes out of my mouth?

Like the cup, I am a vessel and who I am is what I put in it. The cup can be used for water or wine, it becomes like me, what I put in it. If it is filthy on the inside, and, you drink from it there is a possibility of getting sick. When others speak to me, they will see right away that although I look approachable on the outside, I am unclean on the inside evidenced by the filth that comes out of my mouth.

I am not as clean as I would hope to be. How do I become clean? By being born again. The journey of seeking the divine nature begins with being born again. Just as the cup is dipped in the water to be cleaned, I too, must be dipped in the spiritual living waters of cleanliness to be cleaned.

After being born again, I am still the same person with a different spiritual interior. As daily life stains me with thoughts of lust for the things of others, not being satisfied with who I am and what I have. I need to go back to the living waters of spiritual renewal, reclaim my spiritual being after foolishly giving it away, for the things in a passing world that I traded my soul for which ultimately left me empty and frustrated.

Every day I ask for the strength to be a better person. No one is perfect, but I have the hope of one day finding the divine nature, becoming one with myself, and my fellow seekers, to live in the world without being part of it.

As I continue to clean myself in the living waters of the divine nature, my friend will know I love her by the relationship I have with the creator of the living waters, and my children and grandchildren will know I love them by the example I show them by loving my friend. They will know I love them through the example of my actions.


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