Nature is in the visible

Posted: 2013/07/08 in Uncategorized

Brother Ron and Jamie

Nature is in the visible, a creation, the Divine Nature is Love, that is, was, and shall ever be.

As I seek the divine nature, there are many distractions on the way. There are many obstacles I have to overcome on my journey; the path that leads me to the Divine Nature is well traveled, but few ever stay on it or take it to the end.

Fear of loss, discomfort, and confusion, misdirection that often leads me to another path, in the end prevent me from being a partaker of the divine nature.

After I escape the corruption that is in the world by not lusting after the things in the world, and being satisfied with whom I am and what I have, enable me to find the way.

I must have faith and add to my faith virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and charity, or I AM JUST A BLIND OLD MAN who has forgotten the way himself…


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