Expressed Empirical Evidence EEE

Posted: 2013/06/09 in Uncategorized


Are you looking for expressed empirical evidence of who you are?

Empirical evidence exists only in the mind of a writer that who is no different than you. You were born into the world you live in, not by choice, but by the carnal relations between a man and your mother. You live in a land not by your choice but where you were born. You speak a language not your choice, it’s what you learned to survive. You are a man or a woman not by your choice, it is who you are.

You have privilege based on your birth and opportunity by the coincidence of proximity.

No one leaves this life alive. We see things through our own eyes with the perception of our own experience and proximity. If you for some reason think you are special, think again, you are special only in your own mind, and in the mind of those who you have convinced that you are special.

You do not believe in G-d because there is no empirical evidence to support the existence of a God.
People in your sphere of influence have created, or perpetuated, religions based on their imagination of some distant reality. You can do the same by projecting your ideas into their imaginations, allowing them to internalizing them and act on them.

Most of us, including myself are influenced by proximity and geographic location. We emulate people who have something we want or think we need.

This world is passing not in increments of time, but by our own presence in it.

I am under the delusion that by what I emulate will make me smarter, stronger, and happier than I am now; when the truth is I already have everything I need. No one can be me, nor can I be anyone else but myself.

When I learn to love myself I learn how to treat others. By treating other people the way I want to be treated, I find in the present moment, the divine presence.


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