What is real (Truth)

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What is real (Truth)

While setting at a small fast food restaurant yesterday, a police officer came into the diner. Normally I spot a police officer by their uniform, but this one was not wearing a uniform, He was wearing blue jeans and a mechanic’s work shirt smudged with grease.

I spotted him because his work shirt was unbuttoned revealing his badge which was hanging around his neck on a “dog tag” style chain fully exposed, along with his gun, bulging from his right side as if to say, “Look at me, I’m a cop.” (Obviously someone who watches too many movies).

In my opinion not only did this person risk exposing himself as a police officer, but the two other undercover officers as well. How do I know, because after seeing one gun, it was not hard to spot the guns on the other people with him!

When this guy leaves the diner all it might take’s is for someone to recognize him in public, then not only does he jeopardize the operation he was assigned to, he puts the lives and safety everyone near him at risk.
Is this guy playing dress up to impress, or serving and protecting the citizens who pay taxes to his agency?

I don’t blame the officer per se’, I can only observe the actions displayed by him while wearing a badge provide to him by an agency I helped pay for through taxes. The blames lies with his arrogance and his apparent lack of accountability to his supervisors.

I often think of the religious playing the game of dress up as well receiving their income from me voluntarily though donations.

Similar to the above example of someone who may have started out with good intentions, but, ends up breaching his duty to fellow officers, and abusing authority for show and self worth, I have been misled by the wolves in sheep’s clothing claiming and pretending to be priests, pastors, and holy men of God, by the way they were dressed in the past.

The dress up game, along with their illusions, which most of them do not believe themselves, was enough to fool me into believing that they were real. I was paying for their lifestyles while I was working two jobs, drinking water, and eating buttered spaghetti and bread.

Each one of the illusionists had an agenda; a bigger church, a bigger car, more this and more that; to achieve that goal they needed numbers (revenue). I was a number, a human wallet and key to their car, house, and whatever else they wanted.

Everyone, all estimated 7.5 billion of us, experience life in different ways. No two of us are the same.
Yet there appear to be similarities and patterns in behavior that manifest in shared characteristics.
The illusion I perceive projected to my imagination stimulates me to act on the illusion. I must choose to act on, or dismiss the illusion.

Even when I try to go within myself with both my eyes closed, illusions clutter my imagination.
It is only in the moment of being here and now that perception is clear. I don’t need to go here or there. Eat this or drink that, remember yesterday or plan tomorrow. My imagination is displaced with love.

Love is within me only briefly until the illusion returns to convince my imagination that I need to go somewhere before nine o’ clock. Love disappears into the darkness of my imagination and the fear being late moves me to action.

Did I momentarily feel the love of the divine presence or was that just my imagination?
This is my journey to seek the divine nature to be in the world but not part of it. The mind is willing but my flesh is weak.

I live in poverty due to my own primordial desires for the things I don’t have brought on by the illusion. I am no better than the ones who dress up to take from me what little I have. This desire drives my illusion even further, confusing my imagination with thoughts of position in the world. I create for me the perception of going to a place where I believe that I am in control and others will serve me.

For me, as I believe to attain wealth is nothing more than being satisfied with who I am. Seeking the divine nature is the journey on the path that will lead to finding the light of love, discovering within me the truth of who I am.

What is real? I am ἐν αὐτῷ ζωὴ ἦν καὶ ἡ ζωὴ ἦν τὸ φῶς τῶν ἀνθρώπων


  1. Adrian Eichperger says:

    I’m too tired to leave a comment worthy of your post, however, I really liked it!

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