Does Hell Exist?

Posted: 2013/04/15 in Uncategorized

Why am I Brother Ron talking about HELL and separation from G-d?

The answer is simple because in the eternal here and now I allow myself to go hell now.

There is no need to wait until I die to go to hell, as some say to see all my dead friends there and have one big party.

I can go to hell now and see all the people who I have to pretend I like. Go places I don’t want to go to, eat things that make me fat so I can regret it later. Fall in love with people who don’t love me. Have children who don’t respect me. Join a club to find that the other members only want me in the club for membership numbers so they can get benefits due to the large membership.

I chase dreams to find that I am there without the people I left behind alone.

It only took me sixty years to realize I was in hell. Hell that I created myself just for me.

The Divine Nature or presence of G-d is in the visible just outside my eyes in plain sight. I can see through nature that I am a prisoner here by my own desires. I am locked in this body of flesh and bones that I cannot escape from. I seek the things that I lust for and forget they disappear in time. The water, the trees, the plants, the animals, and even other people are right in front of my eyes. I use them for my own selfish desires and they use me to satisfy theirs.

I don’t need to go to hell I am here.

I must be born again, into the Divine Nature and the presence of G-d. Being born again is a voluntary act. I can’t change who I am but I can change how I behave and treat others. More than just words being born again is a new life. Seeing the presence of G-d in all things and all people, being surrounded in the love G-d has for me.

Being born again is only the first step. By realizing I am in hell and discovering the truth; that this is a hell I created for myself, I can unload the baggage and move on.

Now I must act upon the truth and start treating others the way I want to be treated.


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