What is truth?

Posted: 2013/02/11 in Uncategorized

Archangel Gabriel

What is truth?

I do things in the heat of passion I regret latter. The only way to be forgiven by other is to confess. Otherwise these things build in my mind and overwhelm me to the point that I don’t care how I hurt others and I do whatever I want unaware people can see right through my lies.

That is OK for a while until people just like me see that I only care about myself then start to avoid me or use me for their own agendas. I don’t fear god why would they?

Isolation from others is a type of hell (separation from God) and gives me power for a while.

I become the master of my own self deluded universe and the ruler of my existence. The only cost is the loss of truth and the creation of an abomination of desolation or an idol that I voluntarily create in my mind to prevent my conscience from reacting.

I end up with a building in my mind made from the lies I hid form others a type of tower of Babel (confusion) that hides my heart from the truth until I forget what the truth is.

  1. jamie says:

    confess….confess to who? to God, or to the person you hurt? confessing to God is easy. confessing to those we hurt and admitting that we did or said something hurtful to them, especially those who we love dearly, is not so easy….but necessary. when we humble ourselves in this way, we let go of the bitterness that would naturally accumulate and poison our minds, thus freeing us to love more deeply.

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