FDN Step One

Posted: 2013/02/06 in Uncategorized


What is it to find the divine nature?  What is the Divine Nature?

The Divine Nature is a part of me which is inherently divine and inherently me. It defines me in an eternal way. Here and now part of the eternal which I am in.

Finding the eternal here and now living in the presence of g-d being born again into the divine nature. Opening my eyes and seeing that the Kingdome of heaven is at hand. G-d’s choice comes to exist in my containment as it is in the visible (Kingdome of G-d).

In the beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth. Humans were created in the likeness of and image of G-d.


Finding the Divine Nature starts with first, my belief that there is a Divine Nature to find.  Secondly accepting the truth in my mind that the Divine Nature is true and having confidence that the Divine Nature is good or will be effective if applied to my life.


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