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Life, Action, Words

Not Brother Ron’s words but the words of angel.

I have studied American Jurisprudence for over twenty years.  The amount of books written about law could not possibly be read by one man in a lifetime because there are millions of books written about the law.

Living in a culture where there are no kings or titles of nobility; I live in a nation ruled by laws. Every aspect of my life is governed by some form of law or another either by statute, presentence, or mandate by a governing body.

The Angel was tiring to tell me LAW is different than jurisprudence. In that LAW is the rudder of my ship of which I control. I steer my vessel through my actions and words that come out of my thoughts.

She was right in vane I have been seeking to understand how the physical world operates both empirically and spiritually.

The Black pearl is world I live in; the Black Pearl is full of temporal wealth and power that lure and confuse me into thinking I can be part of it or help it.

I want to find the Divine Nature in the Black Pearl to become a beacon of light in a lost world full of others like me seeking wealth and power that might never satisfy them.

I wrongly thought happiness comes from satisfying the desires of my imagination. As I learned more,  I needed to learn more to be satisfied.

To find the Divine Nature I will need to learn to sail, detach my vessel from the harbor of my imagination, and set my course to the divine nature in my actions and words.

Leave behind the safety of the harbor and the fear of failure that binds me in the trap of self delusion and conformity to the world.  Set my sail and head to uncharted seas of assimilation into the Divine Nature.

The risk is that I am wrong, and I am heading for destruction. If that’s true I am a fool looking for the wind. Although I can feel the wind and know the wind exists I can never be the wind.


  1. The Black Pearl I live in where there is no escape, no way out, and only one way in, the lust of the flesh manifested in intercourse or a lab.

    In the eternal here and now time is a measure of cycles, revolutions of measurable increments that govern the quasi perceivable daily life of my existence.

    Born into a body that is a function of self-containment and survival. My choice is limited to conditions mostly outside of my control.

    My past does not begin at birth only time represented by years and recorded by the culture I was born into. My true past might be eternal?

    My Quest for the Divine Nature is to reconnect me with the past, here and now from which I came.

    To remember the joy of just being here now, the discovery, the adventure, and the excitement of learning something new, sharing something I found, not worrying about tomorrow or the end of time.

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