FDN (Finding the Divine Nature)

Posted: 2013/01/28 in Uncategorized


Babies drink from the mother’s breast milk that is filtered through the mother’s body. The milk is pure and clean stored at the right temperature so it doesn’t spoil.

Babies know by innate ability how to suck on the breast to stay alive. Mothers willingly give themselves to their babies at the cost of sometimes their own health and figures.

Born into this world a baby is totally dependent on the people in close proximity to them. If the baby is not taken care of it will die.

The compassion for the baby dictates how the baby will be taken care of. Synthetic milk will preserve the mother’s body and deprive the baby of some of the essential nutrients that are only available through the mother’s breast.

By honoring g-d and having an obligation to the health of the baby at the cost of yourself. This is true religion practiced from the heart. Although synthetic milk might sustain life it will never replace my mother’s breast.

If I truly want to find the divine nature I have to find new life, be born again, and purge myself of this synthetic life. Find the divine breast that can provide pure, clean milk at the right temperature so it will not to spoil and I can start my journey to the Divine Nature.

  1. Sarah says:

    I can never understand how a mother does not breast feed her baby. It is the first thing a baby instinctually knows how to do. To give a part of herself through breast milk is only the beginning!

    • What this is about is the journey to the divine nature. I used babies as a metaphor for born again experiences within the confines of religion.

      I myself was feed milk for forty years and the truth was in the meat that was bad for me because I might become too inquisitive and ask questions no one had answers to.

      The gift of life is given to everyone that has breath. New born babies have resilience to unfortunate events that sometimes plague them all their lives.

      Often babies are subjected to things not good for them through ignorance or sometimes by well meaning people with good intentions under so called medical attention.

      I was born into the world by a mother who was told that animal milk was good for babies and it was better for me than her own milk my mother loved me unconditionally.

      I was given by my mother a bottle filled with synthetic milk and good intentions.

      Like most babies my age I grew up, the world I grew up in was taught to me by the proximity of the people around me. All I knew was what I was taught.

      By the proximity of where I was born and what others chose for me I was baptized first into the Methodist Church then given a bible because I learned the books of the bible.

      After I received the bible I went to Sunday school to learn about Noah.

      As I got older the synthetic milk of baptism wasn’t enough for me I needed more. A few years later at summer camp I was baptized again into the Baptist Church because hell was not somewhere I wanted to go.

      Eventually I realized the so called church was the synthetic bottle feeding of synthetic milk. They were well intending, good people that feed me milk; unfortunately milk did not satisfy my appetite for spiritual things.

      When I started seeking the divine nature I could no longer be fooled by well meaning people who didn’t know how to serve anything but synthetic milk.

      That is what this FDN (Finding the Divine Nature) is about, the journey to the divine nature. Please forgive my ignorance and lack of communication skills. I only want to find the divine nature.

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