Future Shock

Posted: 2013/01/18 in Uncategorized

Most of us take our freedom for granite in this country.

I deal here with doctrinal issues brought on by prideful busybodies who love to hear themselves talk. Then the same busybodies go home hid in a darkened room and watch porn.

I believe Christians are not far from mistreatment and imprisonment in this country, what saves us now is we preach a form of religion but deny the power of it. That sort of religion is harmless to immoral life styles.

Once we start becoming Christ in our lives a son of the living G-d and then rebuke our brothers and sisters for living in darkness. Evil forces will not stand by let the light stay on. There is too much to lose, power, wealth, and status.

I pray for us all, it seems everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die? The reality is that the separation from G-d is hell and we don’t need to die to get there.


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