Realization 20121130

Posted: 2012/11/30 in Uncategorized

Surf sex sudsI realized for myself that life is here and now. Life is what I do now, how I treat others now, and living in the presence of G-d here and now.

Health is an allusion of the young, and the hope of the old people. The health we have now is a gift from G-d, because we have little control over our health.

Being older now I come to realize that I am the same person I was at twenty, in the body of someone I never thought I would live to see in the mirror. The years have taught me what few young people understand; G-d is real and lives inside us, that we have made choices on our own, not by divine intervention as some will argue, becoming who we are as a result of those several limited choices we have made ourselves.

I have learned to change who I am, by a thought, becoming the man I what to be with an idea. I am who others say I am as a result of the choices I make in the here and now. Life is eternal as I have experienced firsthand.

Our existence is only a breath away from truth. No one has ever been beyond themselves or knows where they came from for certainty other than their mother’s womb.

The love of G-d and the love of yourself might be true wealth, being satisfied with whom you are and what you have here and now bring with it happiness I found.

However desire for me is poverty, unsatisfied lust for something beyond my reach.

I am not perfect and the temptation for those things is great. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak.


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