The eternal here and now

Posted: 2012/08/04 in Uncategorized

  1. watev says:

    I love your last statement. “Try going tomorrow today”. CARPE DIEM – SEIZE THE DAY. Life will be a long journey if you wait for something that doesn’t exist. Make everyday count. Just don’t wait for things to happen, because they won’t.

  2. Ronald L. Riedell says:

    Thank you

    • Time is the eternal here and now, there is no yesterday tomorrow never comes.

      There is only today, each person makes a choice to prepare for tomorrow in the hope that tomorrow will come.

      Only to realize that tomorrow is today all over again; but now having the experience of the past as a guide to the preparation for tomorrow all over again today.

      Life’s opportunities are a result of how we use the experience and preparation of the past today.

      Time does not belong to anyone; time is a reference point to regulate today.

      Time has been created to further the illusion of self worth and regulate value of movement.

      Brother Ron

      • I tried going to tomorrow but was only able to go there in my mind.

        Only briefly was I able to imagine myself in tomorrow, not through my eyes but from the perspective of one watching me as through a mirror.

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